Through Cities of Migration, the Maytree Foundation is working with an international group of partners. from the UK, Europe and New Zealand and consulting broadly with government officials, migration organizations and related NGOs in Canada, the US and internationally to ensure its applicability and relevance. These partnerships also serve to strengthen the coalition of private foundations working to accelerate the integration of urban migrants in their home countries and internationally

Maytree is a private Canadian charitable foundation established in 1982, committed to reducing poverty and inequality in Canada and to building strong civic communities. Maytree seeks to accomplish its objectives by identifying, supporting and funding ideas, leaders and leading organizations that have the capacity to make change and advance the common good.

The Barrow Cadbury Trust is an independent, charitable foundation committed to funding and encouraging the promotion of social justice. The Barrow Cadbury Trust aims to close the gaps in current policy and practice by supporting work in local communities and acting as a bridge to national and international policymakers. The Barrow Cadbury Trust is a founding partner of the Cities of Migration initiative

The Bertelsmann Stiftung is a private operating foundation dedicated to serving the common good. Its work is based on the conviction that competition and civic engagement are fundamental for ensuring social change. The Bertelsmann Stiftung is a founding partner of the Cities of Migration initiative.

The Tindall Foundation is a private family foundation established in 1995 to support capacity building at the community level. The foundation collaborates with other organisations working in the field, as well as drawing on the embedded knowledge, professionalism and expertise of the not-for-profit sector. The Tindall Foundation is currently the largest independent private foundation in Australasia.

FundaciĆ³n Bertelsmann, A Pioneering Institution in Civic Responsibility

Since it began its work in Spain in 1995, FundaciĆ³n Bertelsmann has become a catalysing institution for social reflection and a meeting point for intellectuals, business men and women, politicians and citizens, always seeking to foster the positive progress of Spanish society through a combination of analysis and action.

The initiative, developed by Reinhard Mohn and now led by his wife, Liz Mohn, has shaped a pioneering institution in social development, whose work is based on three major objectives: promoting social change by identifying latent social challenges; preparing society for the future, providing it with the competences that will enable sustainable development; and, lastly, contributing to the promotion of social responsibility, based upon the conviction that community involvement is the essential pillar of social progress.

Municipality of The Hague / 15th International Metropolis Conference

The City of The Hague will be hosting the 15th International Metropolis Conference from October 4 to 8 in the World Forum Convention Centre (WFCC). The conference is a prestigious international event dealing with the topics of migration, integration and citizenship. The 2010 International Metropolis Conference in The Hague focuses on questions of belonging.

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