The 2010 International Cities of Migration Conference

Migration to Integration: An Opportunity Agenda For Cities

The Hague (Netherlands), October 3-4, 2010

Cities of Migration showcases innovative integration practices from global cities using a fresh storytelling approach and a compelling message: integration is a critical dimension of urban prosperity and growth.

Join us for a dynamic two-day event that will engage international city leaders, migration experts and local practitioners in a practical dialogue and exchange of ideas on this important agenda for the future of cities.

Debates, plenaries, a market place of leading ideas and a town-hall discussion promise to make the conference an exciting and interactive learning event to inspire renewed urban leadership and new thinking on migration.

Day 1 – Sunday, October 3

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  • Cocktail Reception

Formal Dinner hosted by the Municipality of the Hague

Welcome Remarks

Listen to Alan Broadment’s Remarks

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Cities of Migration and Good Ideas in Integration

Listen to Ratna Omdivar’s presentation

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Keynote Speaker: At Home in The City

Listen to Joe Berridge’s presentation

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Stories of Migration and Identity

Day 2 – Monday, October 4

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and Coffee

Welcome Remarks

Plenary Speaker: Migration to Integration: Why Cities Matter

Greg Clark, international urban strategist and regional development advisor, frames the agenda with remarks on the importance of cities and urban leadership in a rapidly globalizing world, and discusses what internationalization and good governance mean for cities in an age of migration.

  • Greg Clark, Lead advisor, OPEN Cities, and Chair, OECD LEED Forum on Development Agencies and Investment Strategies (London)

Listen to Greg Clark’s full speech

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International City Leaders Panel: Strategies for City Success

City leaders discuss the impact of migration on local realities and how municipal leadership can contribute to creating the right conditions for social cohesion and urban prosperity. Panelists reflect on local experiences, their own vision for the city and what cities can learn from one another. Finally, they will address future needs and possible strategies to equip cities to meet the opportunity agenda.

Moderator: Greg Clark, Lead advisor, OPEN Cities, and Chair, OECD LEED Forum on Development Agencies and Investment Strategies

Listen to the full City Leaders Panel recording

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Coffee Break

Marketplace of Good Ideas: Integration in Practice

Cities of Migration looks outside national borders to cities around the world — London, Toronto, Auckland, Turin, Hannover and many more– for practical innovative ideas that integrate migrants successfully into city life. Explore our showcase of good ideas in integration across the themes of Work, Live, Plan, Connect and Learn with a dynamic tour of integration practice from 12 cities.

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Media Panel: Migration and the Media

“The medium is the message” (Marshall McLuhan). Does media shape public opinion on migration issues? Can media be an effective tool for change? Media experts share insider perspectives on who frames the agenda, where the stories come from and what makes good press.

Moderator: Melinda Crane, Journalist, Deutsche Welle (Berlin)

  • Rokhaya Diallo, President, Les Indivisibles (Paris)
  • Susan Marjetti, Managing Director (Toronto), Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC-Radio, TV, Online)
  • Bashy Quraishy, Chief Editor, MediaWatch, and Chair, Advisory Council, European Network Against Racism-ENAR (Copenhagen)
  • Frank Sharry, Founder and Executive Director, America’s Voice (Washington)

Listen to the full Media Panel recording

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Coffee Break

Integration Town Hall: Presenting the Opportunity Agenda

In cities of migration, diversity is the new mainstream and everyone is an integration actor.

Whether measured in the ‘bottom line’ or experienced as increased equity and social cohesion, diversity counts. Business leaders and social entrepreneurs understand the competitive advantage of diversity. What lessons can we learn from them? How can we re-frame integration as a dynamic process that crosses cultural divides, stimulates social innovation and builds common social and economic capital?

In this open forum, panelists discuss the ‘new mainstream’, offer multi-stakeholder perspectives on the impact and benefits of increased diversity and invite an exchange of ideas.

Moderator: Melinda Crane, Journalist, Deutsche Welle (Berlin)

  • Tufyal Choudhury, Senior Policy Advisor, Open Society Institute (London)
  • Andries van Rozen, Diversity Officer, PricewaterhouseCoopers (Amsterdam)
  • Francesca Froy, Senior Policy Analyst, OECD Leed Programme (Paris)
  • Kica Matos, Program Executive, The Atlantic Philanthropies (New York)
  • Ayse Ozbabacan, Coordinator, European Cities Network CLIP and the Department of Integration Policy, City of Stuttgart

Listen to the full Town Hall recording

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Closing Speaker

  • Wim Kok, former Prime Minister of the Netherlands; President, Club of Madrid

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Closing Remarks and Farewell

Networking (coffee and refreshments)

Crosswalk to International Metropolis

Additional workshops and panels will run concurrently with the 15th International Metropolis Conference in The Hague, October 4-8, 2010.

About Cities of Migration

Cities of Migration showcases innovative and successful integration practices from global cities and promotes city-to-city learning exchange. Launched in December 2008, Cities of Migration is the first international initiative to connect global cities around shared issues of migration and immigrant integration.

Cities of Migration is led by the Maytree Foundation in Canada, with international partners in Germany (Bertelsmann Stiftung), the United Kingdom (Barrow Cadbury Trust), New Zealand (Tindall Foundation) and Spain (Fundación Bertelsmann).

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